Planet Earth with Sunrise

GraphicRiver Planet Earth with Sunrise 10938575

Stock Vector \ Conceptual \ Abstract
Planet earth with sunrise in space. Vector space background
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Mars Satellite

VideoHive Mars Satellite 10844305

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ Space
Animation of a satellite orbiting red planet. 3 clips in a pack Cinematic look Full HD 1920X1080 Resolution Frame Rate 25 fps Video Encoding: Photo JPEG Total Clip(s) Length: 0:40 Individual Clip Lengths: 0:14, 0:18, 0:18 Music is not included but you can find it here . My Other Motion Graphics and Projects. ISS Astronaut Floating Exoplanet View from its Moon Mars Planet Moon View from an Asteroid Mars Orbital Station Intelligence Gathering Satellite Habitable Artificial Satellite in Low Earth Orbit Lunar Orbital Station Huge Alien Spaceship ...
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Imageline Starlight Sky 4

VideoHive Imageline Starlight Sky 4 10831316

Stock Footage \ Nature
The Milky Way in view in this wintry night in the northern Finland. Description Format Source: 5k RAW Master: FullHD QuickTime H.264 Resolution 1920X1080 Timelapse Package includes FullHD clip tags: coronal, mass, ejection, northern, lights, aurora, borealis, north, star, stars, starsky, timelapse, fisheye, samyang, finland, lapland, rovaniemi, winter, night, snow, cold, dark, northlogicvfx, canon, eos, 60d, raw, 2k, resolution, stock, footage, magic, lantern, firmware, video, image, sequence, starlight, milky, way, constellation, polaris, ...
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Stars Over Desert

VideoHive Stars Over Desert 10813560

Stock Footage \ Time Lapse
790 JPG images (about 5 hours) note a few dead pixels visible Music not included, can be purchased here.
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Approaching The Plexus

VideoHive Approaching The Plexus 10783817

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ Technology
Zoom Camera Plexus Blue Background Full HD 1920X1080. FPS 29,97 24 seconds seamless loop Music not included In Space
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Fireworks Reveal for logos text and pictures

VideoHive Fireworks Reveal for logos text and pictures 10763903

After Effects Project \ Logo Stings \ Sky \ Clouds
This project reveals your source artwork as a burst of fireworks. You can use it to reveal a logo, text, or even clip art and photos. It requires Trapcode Particular, but does not use any other 3rd party plugins. The project is driven by a single pre composition that you put your artwork into. Just drop in a logo or type some text, then position, scale and rotate the composition wherever you want it on screen. Then hit the render button and your artwork is transformed into a detailed, explosive burst of fireworks! The final reveal is comprised ...
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Rotate Diamond With Sparkles Background

VideoHive Rotate Diamond With Sparkles Background 10683223

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ Events
You can find four animations in this pack. Three different color versions: gold, purple and blue. Included one alpha animation. HD resolution. Audio not included but you can buy it here. .oss phrase fashion&WT.oss rank 13&WT.z author boomopera& search list If you have questions just contact me on 4dgrafika
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Blue Moon

VideoHive Blue Moon 10667510

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ Abstract
Blue Moon with nice Lightrays. Full HD 1920X1080
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Mayan Ruins Mexico Tulum 2

VideoHive Mayan Ruins Mexico Tulum 2 10731209

Stock Footage \ City
Time lapse of the mayan ruins at tulum , mexico. the mayans believe that transformative events will occur on 21 december 2012.
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Death Valley Starlapse 1

VideoHive Death Valley Starlapse 1 10731553

Stock Footage \ Religious
Timelapse of stars at night in death valley, shot at super high quality.
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