Super 8 Silhouette

VideoHive Super 8 Silhouette 12853156

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Elements \ Retro
2 Clips. fullhd(1920X1080) Frame Rate 29.97 QuickTime PNG : RGB +Alpha (PNG) and (JPG.)br /> 1. cameraman super 8 fullhd(JPG) 2. cameraman super 8 fullhd(PNG) contact us for questions & help: polsawad6 Silhouette collection
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A Man Kneeling on the Ground Shooting on the Targe

VideoHive A Man Kneeling on the Ground Shooting on the Targe 12627067

Stock Footage \ Sports
A man kneeling on the ground shooting on the target. Wearing the camoflouge uniform and shooting the target
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Soldiers In Position

VideoHive Soldiers In Position 12470115

Stock Footage \ Military
Soldiers waiting for command
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Heraldic Hunter Logos Vol 4

GraphicRiver Heraldic Hunter Logos Vol 4 12492680

Web Element \ Badges & Stickers
Easy to modify, edit, re size and color without the loss of quality or resolution. 100% vector shapes editable in Illustrator. Editable text. All fonts used are free or free for personal use. font/century725 cn bt.html font/century751 sebd bt semi bold.html
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Taking Picture Of Seascape

VideoHive Taking Picture Of Seascape 12252527

Stock Footage \ Lifestyle
Taking Picture Of Seascape Woman take photo of seascape on smartphone. Full HD 25 fps 0:06 Sec
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Stars Moving In Night Sky Over Mountain Ridge

VideoHive Stars Moving In Night Sky Over Mountain Ridge 12129619

Stock Footage \ Time Lapse
time lapse of stars moving in night sky over ridge of mountains Piatra Craiului in the background
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Successful Frontman

VideoHive Successful Frontman 12120548

Stock Footage \ Sports
Shaky camera following the offensives striking the goal
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Hunting Weapon Set

GraphicRiver Hunting Weapon Set 12067943

Stock Vector \ Decorative \ Backgrounds
Hunting weapon and bullets set on wooden texture background vector illustration. Editable EPS and Render in JPG format
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Wall Destruction 2 V2

VideoHive Wall Destruction 2 V2 11811048

Stock Footage \ Motion Graphic \ Backgrounds \ 3D \ Object
Wall Destruction 2 V2. Description. The animation begins with the camera slowly approaching the wall and in that moment the wall begins to crack and create a hole in the wall, leaving an empty alpha channel space for you where you can put your logo, picture or video. Characteristics. Full HD 30fps Alpha Channel Quicktime JPEG2000 1920X1080 No 3rd Party Plugins Needed! Music from preview video is not included in the zip folder, but you can buy it from great authors following this link: cave ident/141221 Sound ...
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Milky Way Galaxy Crosses Sky Above Mountains

VideoHive Milky Way Galaxy Crosses Sky Above Mountains 11790085

Stock Footage \ Nature
Time lapse footage of the stars and milky way galaxy over the mountains in Montana. Several satellites are seen streaking through the sky as the stars pass by overhead. The sky changes from orange to blue as the sun gets closer to rising. Enjoy this video in 4K resolution.
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