Cactus and Skull Icons

GraphicRiver Cactus and Skull Icons 13087791

Stock Vector \ Conceptual \ Nature \ Flowers & Plants
Icons of cactuses in the rocks with a skull, set of vector illustrations for desert landscape
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Medical Equipment and Containers

GraphicRiver Medical Equipment and Containers 12844464

Stock Vector \ Conceptual \ Miscellaneous
Medical equipment and containers illustration
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Pine Cones

VideoHive Pine Cones 12532586

Stock Footage \ Nature
Two pine cone on a branch pine forest
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Old School Blood Pressure Check

VideoHive Old School Blood Pressure Check 12461868

Stock Footage \ Medical
This is footage of a doctor perparing a procedure of blood pressure test like it was done in the old days with a stethoscope.
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Compass Vector Icon

GraphicRiver Compass Vector Icon 12646784

Stock Vector
Compass Vector Icon, Isolated on White Background This archive contains editable .eps vector format (10th version) and high resolution .jpg image. There is no limit to you creating your own combinations: you can change colors and backgrounds, mix icons together and scale them without any loss of quality as they are 100% vectors. The vectors can be used wherever you want. For example. E commerce websites Web and mobile applications Your blog or pages on social networking Banners and ads Brochures, advertising leaflets and flyers Greeting cards ...
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Grandmother Teaching Her Granddaughter

VideoHive Grandmother Teaching Her Granddaughter 12334991

Stock Footage \ Nature
Grandmother teaching her granddaughter to make dolls
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Fir-Tree Cone in The Whirlpool

VideoHive Fir-Tree Cone in The Whirlpool 12298573

Stock Footage \ Nature
Fir Tree Cone in The Whirlpool, Closeup, cone is Floating Circularly, dark water, river, lake, pond, run rays, summer, outdoors
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Syringe Unpacked By Medic

VideoHive Syringe Unpacked By Medic 12311566

Stock Footage \ Medical
This is footage of a doctor unpacking a syringe from its packing and getting it ready for usage.
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Treatment by Acupuncture

VideoHive Treatment by Acupuncture 12242147

Stock Footage \ Medical
Acupuncture Needles on Back of a Young Woman
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Spruce Tree Branch Under Snow

VideoHive Spruce Tree Branch Under Snow 11843156

Stock Footage \ Nature
Closeup View of Spruce Branch Under Snow in a Snowy Winter Day
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