Sleeping Beauty

GraphicRiver Sleeping Beauty 13139971

Stock Vector \ Characters \ People
Illustration of beautiful girl dressed Sleeping Beauty costume. EPS 8, JPG (high resolution)
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Fest Amsterdam Windlicht Tangare Lantern Original

3DOcean Fest Amsterdam Windlicht Tangare Lantern Original 13104547

3D Model \ Furnishings \ Lamps
General This is a 3D model replica of Tangare Lantern by Fest Amsterdam. It was modeled and prepared for photorealistic renderings, close ups, CG visualization. The lantern model is ready to be inserted in your scene out of the box. Meshes The Tangare lantern model is presented in 2 versions: Big and small. Meshes are grouped and everything is named accordingly. Pivots are set for ease of use either at the bottom of object or at the rotation point for the handles. Mesh is mainly quad based. Base polycount is 38K and 67K for the small and big ...
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Lantern 3D Model

3DOcean Lantern 3D Model 13120914

3D Model \ Deco Objects
Lantern 3D Model The simple and elegant lantern 3D Model is well suited to use for any purpose. For instance, interior design, inside house, commercial use, office, building or any others. Total verts 17,011 and FPS 78,804 The crystal clear material is used to increase quality. Though, the design can be easily modified and customized according to your requirements. More information 1. Created on 3D Studio Max 2010 2. Main file size 6.95 MB 3. Model Formats : .3ds .fbx .obj
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Cloud Technology Concept

GraphicRiver Cloud Technology Concept 13135530

Stock Vector \ Conceptual \ Technology \ Computers
Desktop computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone connected together by cloud technology
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Fashion Girls Black Silhouettes Collection

GraphicRiver Fashion Girls Black Silhouettes Collection 13080544

Stock Vector \ Characters \ People
Fashion girls black silhouettes collection. Vector illustration
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Colourful Spaceships and Rockets

GraphicRiver Colourful Spaceships and Rockets 13090751

Stock Vector \ Miscellaneous
Set of cartoon colourful spaceships and rockets for games, Vector Illustration Collection
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Moroccan Tray Table

3DOcean Moroccan Tray Table 13069122

3D Model \ Furnishings \ Furniture
General This is the 3D model midcentury Moroccan Tray Table. This table was modelled and prepared for photo realistic renderings, close ups, CG visualization. The spider legs table is ready to be inserted in your scene out of the box. Meshes The midcentury tray table 3D model is presented as single mesh. The mesh is mainly quad based geometry. The polycount is 42257. Vray Materials As these 3D models were primary created for vray render engine, the .max vray version of the file contains also properly configured and assigned materials for the ...
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Mini Gun

3DOcean Mini Gun 13088905

3D Model \ Fantasy and Fiction \ Weapons
Offer you a mini gun . This model you can use in your projects. Model made ??carefully and divided into parts that you can easily edit. I also downloaded the file 3D max and obj for other applications. I hope you like it.
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3D Wax Model Flame Lighting

3DOcean 3D Wax Model Flame Lighting 13045895

3D Model \ Deco Objects
3D model and flame lighting candles for decoration
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Retro Cars Banner Set

GraphicRiver Retro Cars Banner Set 13022881

Stock Vector \ Miscellaneous
Retro cars horizontal banner set with hand drawn old style vehicles isolated vector illustration. Editable EPS and Render in JPG format
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