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About our WordPress Support System
At ThemeAvenue, we love our clients. We were looking for a support / ticketing plugin to add to our current WordPress support site in order to provide premium support to our buyers.

We tried a lot of plugins, spent hours looking for the perfect one, but in the end we didn’t find it.

Therefore, we deided to develop our own, perfect support WordPress plugin.

The support plugin had to be simple, support multiple agents, be seamlessly integrated to any WordPress theme and be flexible to adapt to different business types. Optionnaly, as we work with Envato marketplaces, the plugin had to be able to check Envato purchases.

Seamless Integration
WP Awesome Support has been designed to seamlessly integrate to any WordPress theme. Therefore, don’t worry about design compatibility. Your site will still look good, and so will the plugin! The design uses Bootstrap, but you can deactivate it if you prefer keeping only your theme’s style.

Responsive Design & Mobile-first

What if your clients need to submit a ticket on the go? No worries! The plugin is responsive. Even from a mobile, your client will have a smooth and pleasant experience (as long as the theme you use is responsive).

Mobile First

Our responsive support plugin was built with a priority for mobile. This means big performance improvements on mobile devices, compared to previous versions. For instance, on a mobile phone there’s no rich text editor, only a simple textarea.

Setup assistant

Using WP Awesome Support becomes easier than ever! We integrated a setup assistant which will do all the boring stuff for you. After you installed the plugin, just click a button and it’s ready.
Robust Code

We developed this plugin using the native WordPress functions as much as possible. Why reinvent the wheel? WordPress does a good job already. All the plugin’s settings are using the WordPress Settings API and no additional tables are added to your database.

How often do we work on our plugin? Almost everyday. As you can see, we push an average of 2 commits a day.

Support Multiple Agents
With WP Awesome Support, you can work with as much support agents as you want. If you have a team of 20 support agents, simply add them 20 in your WordPress users with the right role.

File Attachements

As promised, we added a user-friendly file-uploading experience to our support plugin. You can drag & drop multiple files at once.

Want to avoid server overload or let your users pick files from their Dropbox or Facebook? This is now possible thanks to Ink Filepicker integration. Click to see how to use it

Live Suggestions

When a user is typing the subject of his new ticket, you can suggest him related articles from your FAQs or Knowledgebase automatically. Our plugin lets you specify where you want to pull this suggestions from.

This feature also helps agents reduce their work load as relevant suggestions might answer your client’s issue.
Quick replies (pre-defined answers)

A feature that’ll boost agent’s productivity. This allows agents to easily paste a predefined answer in the WYSIWYG editor. Click to see how to use it
Private notes

Need to remember a specific thing about a ticket? No need for post-it anymore. We just added a private note feature. Write anything you want, only you and other agents will see it.

If your agents often transfer tickets to eachother, this will make their lives a lot easier. Note something, transfert to a colleague. No need for oral explainations.
Intelligent Ticket Attribution

When activated, each time a new ticket will be submitted, the plugin will find out which is the agent in the corresponding group with the less tickets open. The new ticket will then be assigned to this most available agent. Read more about Tickets Assignment here

Powerful Permissions Management

The plugin comes with an advanced permission management system. You can define what users can see and reply to the tickets.

E-Mail Notifications

You can enable/disable email notification for any kind of action (ex: ticket submission). Each email template can be easily customized. Read more about email notifications
Envato Compatibility

We work with Envato marketplaces. Maybe you too. And then if you do, we have built-in a great feature: Envato purchase verification. If you enable this option, the license number will be asked for each ticket submission (you can even make it mendatory). Then, we use the Envato API to verify the purchase.

Advanced Style Compliance

Yeah I said the plugin integrates seamlessly with any theme. And it does. However, as we use some CSS for the plugin, it might, in certain cases, alter your theme’s look. If it’s the case, you can modify the plugin’s style or even deactivate it.

Translation Ready
The plugin is fully localized are is delivered with the .po/.mo files. You can translate the plugin in any language!

Available translations.

- Brazillian – alanpaschoal

- Dutch – J. Brongers

- Dutch (Nederlands) – dannylaps

- French – ThemeAvenue

- German – Beat Richli

- Italian (93%) – Antonio Cicirelli

And much more…
* Easy Templating
We integrated a simple templating system in the plugin. If you want to customize or integrate the plugin to your theme, then follow the guide .

* Gravatar Integration
Do you like seeing the pretty face of the client you’re dealing with? If he uses Gravatar, you will. The plugin is fully compatible with Gravatar in the admin panel and on the front-end.

* WooCommerce Integration
You’re using WooCommerce ? It’s a great e-commerce plugin. That’s why we now integrate with it! When your clients will log into their client account, they will see their tickets and will be able to submit a new one from within the dashboard!

* Using WordPress Multisite?
If you plan on using WP Awesome Support with a WordPress multisite network, you should know that the plugin is compatible but please , read the multisite installation guide before installing the plugin!

* Scared of SPAM?
We know some sites are plagued by spammers. That’s why we added support for reCAPTCHA. Enable it, paste your API key and get rid of spammy registrations.
* Automatically close old tickets
Cleaning old tickets can quickly become a pain if you have lots of them. Sometimes the client just won’t give any sign of life after you replied. Now, you can set a limit date after which the unanswered tickets will be automatically closed.
* Custom forms
We added all the basic options in the ticket submission form. However, every business is different. You need more info from your clients? Add new fields in the forms. Click to see how to do it
* Retina Ready
Since version 2, our support plugin is fully compatible with retina displays (high pixel density displays). We’re now using vector icons (SVG) to achieve best results on retina displays (iPhone 5, 5th Generation iPod touch, iPad mini, etc.)
* Never loose form’s data
The content of the forms is now saved using LocalStorage (IE8+). This way, your users don’t lose any precious data on occasional tabs closing, browser crashes and other disasters!
* Great accessibility
As most of our plugin’s code was refactored (since version 2.0.0), we decided to improve its accessibility. Every form input is now associated with a label to avoid issue with screen readers. We also used WAI-ARIA attributes here and there to improve the accessibility of our support plugin. We also made sure to have a correct tabindex, to ease keyboard navigation.
* Custom Roles & Capabilities
Custom roles and capabilities are created for this plugin. When you will add a new support agent, you don’t have to choose between the regular WordPress roles which are not suitable. Instead, we created plugin specific roles. You won’t have to give access to all your site to your agents, and you won’t need a role management plugin.

* CC Tickets
Let’s now imagine you need to supervise a specific ticket because it’s sensitive. However, you don’t have time to deal with the ticket yourself. We have the solution!

Just ask your agent to add you as a CC to every notification and you will be e-mailed a copy everytime an e-mail is sent.

Version 2.1.2

- Close divs even when a row is incomplete when displaying custom fields
- Fix wrong call to template part
- Add new hook and filter Envato purchase data
- Don't ask for plugin installation anymore, force it
- Don't redirect user on the tickets page after install
- HTTPS update server URL

Version 2.1.1

- Fix compatibility with Envato API
- Add filter on the redirect page after ticket submission
- Replace misused function to link to admin
- Update improved German translation
- Update templates using deprecated function
- Make {message} tag work on ticket assignment
- Prevent Long URLs From Breaking Out of Container
- Check for "null" values (upload error)
- Fix issue with undefined constant
- Change deprecated argument in wp_editor()
- Update dependencies

Version 2.1.0

- Replace WYSIWYG editor in tickets page by a non-editable metabox
- Add Dutch translation
- Add Italian translation
- Fix spam emails issue
- Add support for quick replies for TinyMCE 4+
- Fix issue with custom fields values population after failed submission
- Bugfixes

Version 2.0.7

- Fix status terms registration during install process
- Removed Sentry script and stop interfering with WP jQuery
- Fix translation issue
- Update EasyModal to 1.3.1 (solves the overlay issue)
- Add filter to cancel custom redirect after login for subscribers
- Fix redirect issue in the admin
- Use wp_login_url() in the login form action
- Add warning message in all template files
- Made code more readable using JsFormat
- Fixes an issue with TinyMCE from WP3.9 (old method was causing a JS issue)
- Replaced original Boostrap WYSIWYG with a forked version that fully supports Bootstrap 3
- Change wysihtml5 source and add locale for translation
- Translate ticket status label
- Update French translation
- Sanitize attachments filenames
- Remove sanitization breaking the style

Version 2.0.6

- Link issuer's name to the list of his tickets instead of the user profile
- Update version number
- Fix issue with attachment deletion
- Improve uninstall process
- Fix attachment deletion issue when using Filepicker and delete all ticket history
- Remove metaboxes based on taxonomy ID
- Fix issue with ticket replied on mobile
- Remove test data
- Move wpas_after_client_post_reply before redirect and pass reply ID to

Version 2.0.5

- Fallback for PHP version lower than 5.3.0 now works
- Removed unused BS2 classes in Ticket List
- Fix WooCommerce integration issue
- Remove log writing

Version 2.0.4

- Register default statuses after the taxonomy has been registered
- Fix issue with terms listing when translated
- Fix state issue with tranlation
- Give taxonomies a fixed ID and not a translatable string
- Compressed reCAPTCHA html (remove white-space and line-breaks) to prevent WP from adding <br /> or <p>
- Update version number
- Add fallback for json_decode() for PHP version under 5.3.0
- Add Sentry for tracking/logging javascript errors. Also updated wrapper in main.js based on jQuery Boilerplate
- Add more vars in jQuery object
- Start integrating getSentry. Work in progress.
- Add version number in jQuery object & load Sentry
- Change user registration trigger method to avoid conflicts
- Fix hook issue
- Removed css no-wrap on code blocks
- Only load Fineuploader script on plugin pages
- Merge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:themeavenue/wp-awesome-support
- Small CSS tweak to differenciate paragraphs better
Version 2.0.3

- Add group option to personal profile
- Add filter on assignee ID returned
- Improve delete function
- Minor bugfixes
- Prevent Quick Replies help to display in inappropriate pages
- Fix conflict with debug function
- Add the "reply and back to list" function
- Increase Filepicker signature lifetime in admin
- Small CSS tweaks and fixes
- Added translation of content in JS file (Dashboard)
- Add wpas_after_client_post_reply hook
- Improve server side data verification
- Revamped style for Private Notes
- Fix translation issue by loading the translations files earlier
- Update version number

Version 2.0.2

- Added conditional statement for retrieving tags
- Add version number to main.js call
- Fix translation loading error

Version 2.0.1

- Refactored Custom Namespaced Bootstrap: instead of importing all bootstrap (bootstrap.less), we manually import each individual less file (currently disabled: normalize.less, print.less, type.less)
- Add new pre-built templates for WordPress default themes
- Added fallback classes for FineUploader (if style is disabled)
- Setup assistant closes comments by default on ticket list and submission pages
- Use better sanitization for displaying replies in admin
- Add option to show/hide allowed file types and max size for uploads
- Updated ReStable to version 0.1.1
- Add pre-built template for KnowHow theme
- Increase Filepicker policy to 20 mins
- Update version number
- Add remote notification system

Version 2.0.0

- Add private notes to tickets
- Add integration with Ink Filepicker
- Add integration with reCAPTCHA to registration
- Add Live search in FAQ while typing ticket subject
- Automatically close old tickets
- Setup assistant
- Add custom notifications above submit form
- Add templating system
- Agents can edit / delete their replies
- Clients can close their tickets
- Added plugin to save form's data in LocalStorage
- Replaced TinyMCE with Wisyhtml5 (for clients)
- Ticket submission form can be customized
- Improved security
- Updated Fine Uploader from 3.9.1 to 4.1.0
- Removed Timeago (use of WP <a href="http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/human_time_diff instead">human_time_diff</a>)
- Replaced Bootstrap Modals with a lightweight modal plugin
- Stylesheets are now fully "mobile-first"
- Improved accessibility of all forms
- Improved Responsive Tables
- Replaced all PNG icons with SVG icons (vectors)
- Remove unused jQuery plugins, removed FontAwesome
- Used JSLint to improve javascript code quality
- Replaced Bootstrap Modals with a lightweight modal plugin to avoid conflicts with Bootstrap themes (especially BS 2.3)

Version 1.2.7

- Fix custom profile fields issue
- Enable shortcode on ticket submit page
- Add Portugese language

Version 1.2.6

- Add option to deactivate WYSIWYG on frontend

Version 1.2.5

- Minor fixes

Version 1.2.4

- Fix security issue by updating to Fine Uploader 3.9.1

Version 1.2.3

- Prefix function to avoid conflicts

Version 1.2.2

- Update language files and version number
- Add default validation status plus filter and filter on envato validation error text

Version 1.2.1

- FIX: Issue with empty products and quick reply template tags

Version 1.2.0

- NEW: Quick Reply Feature

Version 1.1.12

- NEW: Login form on tickets list page when user isn't logged-in
- NEW: Attachments opened in a new tab
- NEW: All Envato lincence are displayed in the tickets details
- FIX: Style issue with light and dark theme
- FIX: Modal was not working (markup and JS updated to Bootstrap 3)
- FIX: Agents group properly saved
- Updated: Bootstrap tagmanager 3.0
- Updated: Form markup to Boostrap 3.0

Version 1.1.11

- NEW: 7 Types of button available
- NEW: Added style for dark backgrounds themes (in addition to default light theme)
- NEW: Filters on notices
- NEW: Version number in footer
- FIX: Used namespacing with parent class .wpas to avoid any conflict with Themes (especially with themes built with Bootstrap)
- FIX: Only agents and above can change the user group
- FIX: Custom script in header fixed (extra comma removed) to prevent crashing in old IE versions
- FIX: Assignees list in back-end is based on capabilities instead of roles for custom roles compatibility
- Updated: Plugin now uses Bootstrap 3 RC1 (stylesheet and markup)
- Updated: Improved search input (used HTML input type search and removed input append)
- Updated: Disabled FontAwesome in Front-End
- Updated: Default language file
- Updated: French translation
- Removed: Forms styling can't be deactivated separately

Version 1.1.10

- NEW: Password validation is now dynamically added using jQuery instead of HTML5 oninput
- FIX: Login redirect for subfolder WordPress installs
- FIX: "My Tickets" link in admin bar doesn't redirect to front-end anymore
- FIX: Incompatibility with WordPress SEO is fixed

Version 1.1.9

- NEW: Ticket submit and list pages can display custom page's content
- NEW: Action hooks before & after ticket submission form
- NEW: Redirect CPT archive to tickets list page
- FIX: E-Mail sent to agent when a new ticket is created from the admin

Version 1.1.8

- FIX: Plugin forms only displays for main query
- FIX: Widget declared twice

Version 1.1.7

- NEW: Filter to easily change the URL prefix for tickets CPT
- NEW: Tickets won't be submitted with incorrect Envato license
- NEW: Notification displayed if last reply is considered as old (defined in the settings)
- FIX: Limit attachments size to max allowed by server
- FIX: Issue with modal popup not being hidden by default
- FIX: Renamed .clearfix class into .wpas_clearfix to avoid conflict with themes
- Updated: Replaced Timeago JS plugin by WordPress human_time_diff() function
- Updated: Language files
- Removed: Fade effect on popups to avoid conflicts

Version 1.1.6

- FIX: Fixed broken uploader (due to issue with tags)
- FIX: Drag & Drop feature disabled on IE9 and below (not compatible)
- Update: Improved form validation on ticket submission (fallback if no client-side validation)
- Update: Version number

Version 1.1.5

- NEW: German translation files
- FIX: Issues with description not displaying
- FIX: Use of media queries only instead of matchMedia (JS)
- FIX: Support of input placeholders for old browsers (https://github.com/mathiasbynens/jquery-placeholder)
- FIX: Products history only saved when needed
- FIX: Tickets limit in frontend listing
- FIX: Logged-in users can't see other users tickets titles
- Update: Permalink structure to remove front base
- Update: French language files
- Update: Version number

Version 1.1.4

- FIX: Products dropdown removed from frontend when disabled
- Update: Version Number

Version 1.1.3

- NEW: Products Management
- NEW: Auto-Update Feature Included
- NEW: Option to only show opened tickets in tickets list
- FIX: Envato Verification Function
- FIX: Fineuploader script error when file attachement is disabled
- FIX: {message} tag works
- FIX: Taxonomies terms bg color save properly
- FIX: Cached options cleared after settings update
- Update: Emails Header now in UTF-8
- Update: Version Number

Version 1.1.2

- ADD: Reply Needed Indicator
- ADD: Network uninstall process
- Update: Improved E-Mail Notifications
- Update: Reduce DB Queries
- FIX: Multisite Issues with Settings & Add New Ticket pages
- FIX: Help in E-Mail Settings
- FIX: Replies count when agent can only see his tickets
- FIX: Links in admin bar lead to backend for agents
- FIX: Support staff group is saved

Version 1.1.1

- FIX: Register default settings works for new installs

Version 1.1.0

- ADD: File Attachments
- ADD: French Translation
- ADD: WooCommerce Integration
- ADD: Option to Change Date Position in Ticket Details
- FIX: Bootstrap Responsive Removed
- FIX: Bootstrap.min.css Updated
- FIX: Tickets Count Triggered Warnings if no Tickets
- FIX: Error After Submitting Ticket
- FIX: Ticket History Display Content
- FIX: Works with WordPress Multisite (infinite loop and role check fixed)
- FIX: Agent Assignement Bug
- Update: Admin bar items re-added for admins
- Update: Improved Translations File Loading
- Update: Improved Text Formatting in Tickets
- Update: Envato Verification Process Improved
- Update: Added Prefix to Default Language Files
- Update: Language Files
- Update: Core Optimization
- Update: E-Mail Options Grouped
- Removed: Private Link Metabox

Last Update: 23 December 14; High Resolution: Yes; Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.0.x, Bootstrap 3.x, Bootstrap 2.3.x; Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP; Software Version: WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5.

Behance Portfolio for WordPress; WP Mobile Splash Page Editor.

Keywords: Custom Capabilities, custom roles, e-mail notifications, envato api, fluid, help, helpdesk, intelligent ticket attribution, knowledge base, multi-users, responsive, support, ticket, wordpress, wordpress settings api.

Tags: ticket, custom, wordpress, support, responsive

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