Modern Intro

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Flash Template \ Animations \ Intros
Modern Intro Modern Intro is a professional looking, faced paced, dynamic intro that is used to present your company or your business. Every object can be easily changed. The information regarding the font can be found inside the help file when you purchase and download the intro. The size of the intro is ONLY 26kb. The Modern Intro will present you in the best possible way before the user even enters the presentation. Features Size of the intro is 26kb Help file is included Font information is inside the help file Very easy to modify If you ...
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AS3 XML Image stack gallery

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Flash Template \ Image Viewers
Simple XML powered image gallery with a title and description on the reverse of the photo. Use any sized images & 8211; edit titles and descriptions easily. Two xml files are used for configuration. Items.xml for the images/cards Image path, title, description Settings.xml for general file config shadows on/off, border colors and thickness, text colors and sizes. Web Templates and Galleries
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Icon button set v2.0

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Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Flash Template Icon Sets
Icon & 8211; button set v2.0 CMS Features. 100% vector graphic easily change the size and color button adjustment of each design Inplementation. copy and paste button into your .fla file change size change color and that& 8217;s it
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18 Web Icons vol.2

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Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Flash Template Icon Sets
18 Web Icons vol.2 only 3kb 100% Vector Graphics easy to change icons and colors (by Adjust Color filter) just copy and paste the your frame (dragged& 8217;n& 8217;dropped) Flash version: CS3 ActionScript version: 3.0 PORTFOLIO. PRELOADERS . SITE TEMPLATES. ICONS .
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XML Interactive map of France

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ Maps \ Globes
You maybe interested in our new Interactive Map of France XML Interactive map of France (French Google Translation from English) Aucune connaissance flash est n¨¦cessaire. Cette carte est con?ue pour ¨ºtre ¨¦dit¨¦s via un fichier XML simple s¨¦par¨¦ qui peut ¨ºtre ouvert avec de nombreux logiciels, y compris & 8220;Dreamweaver& 8221; ou m¨ºme ordinaires & 8220;Notepad& 8221; comme un simple fichier texte. Utilisation du fichier XML, vous serez en mesure de modifier les ¨¦l¨¦ments suivants. Les changements globaux. La couleur de fond. Couleur ...
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Attitude Navigation

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Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Horizontal Menus
Attitude Navigation Bar Simple Navigation Bar to use with your projects. import the class using. import ArrNav; declare the navigation as a class instance and add child to scene using. myNav new AttNav( xml file adress ); addChild(myNav); other parameters that can be changed via xml are. mousePos mouse position the approximity of the mouse to the top of the stage, that excutes the navigation to slide addHeight additional heigh, how many pixels the navbar will be located from the top of the screen on it s initial position butspace the space ...
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Dynamic Video Player v4

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Flash Template \ Video Players \ Video Players
Subscribe to FlaShaman& 8217;s New File RSS Feed FEATURES. Fully resizable video dynamic video player. Change colors ( theme color and effect color) Autoplay Fullscreen support. Flv support PLAY/ PAUSE on SPACE KEY H.264/HE AAC support, including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, 3gp, 3g2. Customizable parameters send through FlashVars. Video player width Video player height Path to the movie Path to the thumbnail Volume Autoplay Theme color Effect color SOURCE FILES Fully editable Flash source in Flash 9.0 with AS3 . The buttons design can be changed ...
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Quad XML Menu Vertical One Level

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Flash Template \ Menus \ Buttons \ Vertical Menus
FEATURES. One level XML Driven Change all Colors via XML Call gotoAndPlay/Stop from XML Call getURL and loadMovie from XML Automatic selection of button and actions execution Extensive documentation
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XML Interactive map of Virginia

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Flash Template \ Utilities \ Maps \ Globes
A) The XML Map Of Virginia. No flash knowledge is required to edit this map, i.e this map is designed to be edited using XML file. so you can change the colors, content or add/remove and even enable/disable points using only single xml file. The xml can be opened with Notepad or Adobe Dreamweaver& 8230;etc What can I change of the style of the map using XML? 1. The background color. 2. The background transparency. 3. The general state color. 4. The gradient color over the state. 5. The gradient transparency (so you can make the state color ...
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Asteroid Ace

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Flash Template \ Games \ Action
THIS FILE WAS FEATURED ON ACTIVEDEN ! Asteroid Ace is designed around a simple concept& 8230; survive waves of oncoming asteroids, meteors, and other space debris simply by moving your mouse. There are no other game controls to learn. Asteroids (and other obstacles) are randomly generated& 8230; so every game experience is unique! This game actually allows you to customize your OWN game levels! You can control the number of game levels, the duration of each level, the difficulty of each level, and the type of obstacles. Everything is ...
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